Interviu cu Chris Jones (Esquire)

CitiÅ£i un interviu cu minunatul Chris Jones de la Esquire, autor – printre altele – al incredibilului “The Things That Carried Him”, articol care a câştigat un National Magazine Award pentru feature writing anul acesta. ÃŽn acest interviu, Jones vorbeÅŸte despre scris, documentat ÅŸi construit o structură care să susÅ£ină informaÅ£ia.

Un fragment, mai jos. Restul, aici:

Q: In “The Things That Carried Him,” you stick to a relentless structure, which moves backward in time. How do you decide what to leave out?

A: “The Things That Carried Him” was originally supposed to be 6,000 words, which is standard for an Esquire feature. But as I was working on it, I still thought that was possible. But there are 11 sections, and I had written two when I realized it was going to be way over 6,000 words.

I called my editor, Peter Griffin, who is the great editor—I mean that—he is always right. I called him up and said, “Peter, I think this might be a little long.” It ended up being 22,000 words, and then we cut it back to 17,000. It’s funny to talk about that story being tight, because it’s massive. I don’t think I’m good at staying on point. Writing [the story] backward was his idea.


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