Jim Nelson, editorul GQ, scrie în introducerea volumului Best American Magazine Writing 2011:

I’d even go further and say that at their best, magazines do more than inform, entertain, and waste tons of your valuable time. They create (…) a community. By community I don’t mean the buzz phrase that sprang up a few years agowhen webheads were trying to articulate what everyone was looking for on the Internet. I mean something a little more connective still: that the act of reading great writing lands and lives where the cerebral mixes with the emotional and becomes, if constantly nurtured, almost tribal, feeding a fealty that a sports fan would recognize. It’s the only way I’ve ever read magazines – madly, loyally, almost monogamously – scouring many but devouring the ones that deserve my madness.


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  1. pellet on July 19th, 2012 3:05 pm

    Este trist faptul că ziarele rareori a crea o comunitate în jurul lor, pentru că oamenii sunt deconectate de la una de alta … Cu toate acestea cred că nu există speranţă, pentru că Warren Buffett a achizitionat recent mai multe ziare locale în Statele Unite, ÅŸi care poate fi un semn că există încă loc pentru ziare ..

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