E jurnalismul narativ o formă intraductibilă cultural?

Din categoria dubii şi întrebări, un fragment dintr-un interviu cu Susan Orlean publicat în The New New Journalism:

Do you think literary/narrative journalism is a peculiarly American form?

Yes. I was just interviewed by a German newspaper and the reporter told me that German writers had only recently started doing literary journalism.

I think Americans are uniquely curious about the American experience. Maybe it is because we are such a large country with such a diverse culture. We’re a country that is constantly being reinvented, and it’s part of our culture to wonder about who we are, and what makes us work. And maybe it is in that quest that this kind of reportage has thrived. European journalism is, perhaps, more argumentative, but American journalism, perhaps, has a greater wish to explore and understand the reality of our national experience. It be that we have more need for it.


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