Niciodată nu renunţi la calitate

Da, e greu. Da, bugetele sunt mai mici. Da, am tăiat pagini ÅŸi rubrici. Dar nu am renunÅ£at să facem jurnalism de calitate – în special jurnalism complex, care necesită timp, energie ÅŸi spaÅ£iu. Pentru că, al naibii supriză, poveÅŸtile lungi – bine documentate ÅŸi bine scrise – aduc cel mai mult trafic.

O spune Gerry Marzorati, un editor de revistă foarte realist ÅŸi enervant de înÅ£elept (dacă aÅ£i citit speech-ul ăsta, ÅŸtiÅ£i ce zic). Poate îl ascultă ÅŸi managerii ÅŸi editorii noÅŸtri – deÅŸi am dubii că au habar despre ce vorbeÅŸte:

READER: Could you comment on how changes that have occurred in the various magazine as a result of the NY Times needing to cut back financially have affected the way you and your staff choose, cover and report stories. Has this made a change in the topics you cover or the depth you give them? Has your staff been reduced? Are people able to deliver the same quality? Do the topics you cover have less range? Are there any improvements that have occurred?
— Judith Feinleib, Belmont, Mass.

MARZORATI: Dear Ms. Feinleib: I am not going to sit here and tell you that the cutbacks that have happened at the Magazine, or magazines, were painless. We no longer publish Play, the sports magazine we launched several years ago that in its brief life managed to win awards, publish memorable pieces (David Foster Wallace on Roger Federer, for example, which I found myself thinking about just yesterday, watching Federer glide to still another championship), and find many, many fans. In the weekly magazine, we no longer publish The Funny Pages; a magazine is a mix, and the diversion that fiction and serial comics provided is missed. Style pages are gone from the weekly magazine, too, which is hard not only because those pages have been a part of the magazine since its founding but because those beautiful full-page photographs of fashion and design lifted each issue visually.

That said, the cuts have not threatened the magazine’s essence. THAT is and remains long-form reporting and the ambitious photography that accompanies it. We do no less of either. We make no decisions about which stories to pursue based on cost — we have not cut back on foreign coverage, for example; nor have we asked those writing and photographing for the magazine to spend less time on a story. Long-form journalism is very expensive, especially in war-torn areas of the world, but we will continue to do it and do it well because that’s what our readers look to us for. (See yesterday’s issue.) And, contrary to conventional wisdom, it’s our longest pieces that attract the most online traffic.

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  1. Ioana on August 27th, 2009 5:57 pm

    La noi s-a renunțat la calitate mai înainte de criză. Și s-a observat că-i mai lejer așa și merge.

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