Obsesiile lui Michael Paterniti

Michael Paterniti este unul dintre scriitorii mei preferaÅ£i. Åži nu folosesc aiurea cuvântul. Textele lui – pe care vi le-am mai recomandat – sunt o combinaÅ£ie rară dintre documentare jurnalistică ÅŸi artă. Interviul publicat săptămâna asta de Nieman Storyboard, partea I ÅŸi II, nu face decât să confirme asta. Iată câteva pasaje care ar trebuie să ne facă să ne simÅ£im mici.

Despre editori şi o muncă străină majorităţii celor care poartă acest titlu în România:

I’ve had like a magical relationship with a couple of magazine editors. There’s a story I did early on for Esquire. It started in second person and after the first section it went into a very typical magazine setup – I went to Dodge City to live in this motel because I thought this was ground zero for the new American racism – so it was this establishing graf, this nut graf, and I sent the opening to my editor and got this one line back like, “You’re not interesting. Take the ‘I’ out of the story.” And it just exploded, this story. I finished it very quickly. (…) A really great editor is an editor who’s editing the story right from the very beginning, the minute you mention the idea.

Despre cum a scris “The Long Flight of 111 Heavy“:

I went into this little fishing village, and no one would talk to me. There was this kind of hostility because they were tired of talking about this horrific thing. And I was driving out and it was spitting rain, and the sky was kind of that grayish purple, and all the clothes on the line – the wind had filled all the clothes. So they were just hovering. And that’s what I thought when I drove by; I thought I was seeing bodies in the air. And that was it. It was really that image that started it for me.

Despre un posibil fir roÅŸu al textelor lui:

I know for a while there I was writing a lot of death stories. I was struggling with that. Especially when you have little kids – it just kind of hit me, my own mortality. But more than that, my need to go deeper there. I don’t think I was consciously saying, “I’ve gotta do a death story,” but I was drawn repeatedly to that, and I still am, kind of. But again that goes to that Walter Benjamin essay where he says in death the story kind of gets released. There’s something very freeing to me as a writer when you come late to the story.


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  1. Andrei on May 8th, 2012 11:25 pm

    Am citit din intamplare articolul lui despre ultima cina a lui Mitterand si am fost uimit de imbinarea superba dintre jurnalism si…. poezie, poate? Anyway, I’m hungry for more. Multumesc pentru linkuri, imi ofera un bun punct de plecare.

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